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About MoraffWare:

MoraffWare is a small software company, that has been creating free or inexpensive software of the highest quality since the 1980s. We are the ones who made Moraff's Revenge, Moraff's World, Dungeon's of the Unforgiven, Moraff's MoreJongg, The Jongg CD, and many other Mahjongg games. They are still available at:

Now we make educational software, particularly Language Quotient which currently teaches English and Chinese. We expect to imminently add Russian and Spanish, and soon after that, many other languages. We are inviting users to participate in the development of this program in a variety of ways. Please have a look around.

Steve Moraff, the creator of MoraffWare, is still the head developer of these programs. He is currently living in China while working on the Chinese portion of the program.

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